Dr. Birx To Visit Oklahoma, President Trump Announces

Thursday, August 6th 2020, 7:12 am
By: Brooke Griffin

President Donald Trump has announced Dr. Deborah Birx will be visiting Oklahoma next week.

Dr. Birx is the White House's coronavirus response coordinator who has been helping President Trump navigate the pandemic.

President Trump says Dr. Deborah Birx will be visiting the Sooner State to give guidance on how to keep moving forward through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Trump announced on Wednesday that Birx will be visiting Oklahoma next week along with Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Nebraska and potentially West Virginia.

The president gave very limited details about Birx's visit, but he mentioned that each state should be excited to have her help since he says her guidance has helped tremendously in other states that are seeing results.

President Trump said "to deliver aggressive tailored targeted guidance the strategy, we are taking to these states will protect those are highest risk while allowing others at lower risk to safely resume work and school. If we do this successfully, it can really be something incredible."

On Wednesday, Oklahoma had over 1,100 new confirmed cases and 17 new deaths. These numbers coming the same time Dr. Birx says the pandemic has entered a new widespread phase across the country.

There aren't any details as to exactly when, or where, Birx will be visiting, but we will be sure to update you with that information as soon as we can.