Judge Rules Body Cam Video To Be Released In Case Of Suspect Accused Of Shooting Tulsa Officers

Thursday, September 10th 2020, 5:19 pm

TULSA, Okla. -

A judge has ruled the video showing the shootings of two Tulsa Police Officers will be made public.

Attorneys for David Ware once again asked a judge to have the videos released this week.

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County District Judge William Musseman said even though the videos are graphic, by law under the open records act, the public does have the right-to-know and that is why he made his decision to release the videos.

The judge made it clear that his decision should not be taken as approval or agreement of David Ware’s defense for the murder of Sgt. Craig Johnson and shooting of Officer Aurash Zarkeshan, but instead that he made his decision strictly by law.

The judge said he does have concerns about how this will affect the trial jury pool due to the graphic nature of the video; however, he believes that releasing the videos now, compared to right before a trial, would have less of an impact on the trial.

Musseman said he believes releasing the videos now won’t have an impact on the prosecution of Ware or Mathew Hall, Who is Ware’s suspect getaway driver.

Ware’s attorney Kevin Adams has argued from day one that some information in the initial affidavit after the shooting was wrong and, because of that, it has painted Ware in the worst possible light.

Adams said that’s why he has asked a judge several times to release the video.

Jerad Lindsey, the chairman of the fraternal order of Police was in court Thursday morning and said he’s sick after hearing the judge’s decision.

Tulsa Police does have the authority to redact any parts of the video or choose to release it in full.

The video will be available to the public on September 14 at 9 a.m.

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