Tulsa Police Searching For Suspect After Teenager Shot

Saturday, September 12th 2020, 6:28 pm
By: Ashlyn Brothers

TULSA, Okla. -

Tulsa residents are concerned as police search for the shooter who injured a teen on Saturday morning. Police said the shooting happened at around 7 a.m. outside of a restaurant near Apache and MLK. 

"I mean that's sad, this morning, to come wake up happy on the north side,” Tulsa resident Angie Pitts said. “To see people, to smile, and [then] look what I'm looking at.”  

Witnesses near the scene told police they saw a white or silver SUV flee the scene. 

"We found a juvenile that suffered a gunshot wound,” said Tulsa Police Department Sgt. James Stump said. “He has been transported by EMSA with what was described as a non-life-threatening wound. […] It was in the face region. Head region." 

Authorities said the suspect shot a teenager in the eye along the sidewalk near Waffle That!, causing some Tulsans to speak out against gun violence. 

"If you want to pack a gun and you want to shoot somebody, sign up for the Army,” Pitts said. “Go kill somebody. Let me see how brave you are." 

“That was somebody's kid. That was somebody's grandchild,” Pitts said. “I have 29 grandchildren, six great grandkids, and this right here, it upsets me. It upsets me." 

Pitts said she has witnessed a level of violence and carelessness that has gone on for far too long. 

"Whatever happened to fighting them? Whatever happened to just walk[ing] away?” Pitts said. “If you don't like me, I can walk away and shake my head and pray for you.”

Police said they processed the scene and collected evidence. Pitts believes this violence must end, because she said it's hurting people on both sides of the situation. 

"Eventually, you're going to prison. Eventually, you're going to hurt your mother,” said Pitts. “You're going to hurt your kids. You're going to hurt your wife. All this, quit thinking about yourself, being selfish shooters."