Back In The Classroom: How Area School Districts Are Tracking COVID-19

Monday, September 21st 2020, 5:00 pm
By: Mallory Thomas

Tulsa County -

On Monday, lots of kids are back in the classroom in the Tulsa area.

News On 6 checked in with area school districts to see how it's going. Jenks Public Schools said with students and teachers back in the classrooms, they have contact tracers ready if they are needed. 

“We’re trying to manage those cases as best we can with our contact tracing, notifying parents and staff members as quickly as possible. But I think it’s been good to have our students back in our buildings and getting that face to face instruction," said Rob Loeber. 

The first day of kids back in the classroom for Jenks was almost two weeks ago. Parents can access COIVD-19 data on the Jenks website.

It showed 16 positive cases in the district out of more than 12,000 students and teachers on campus each day. It also showed there are almost 300 people in quarantine.

“If we hear of a positive case whether that be an employee or a student we’re going to make sure that we’re aware of that person. We ask them a series of questions about where they’ve been, who they’ve been around," said Loeber. 

Rob Loeber with Jenks Public School said if a student gets the virus, they won't fall behind in their school work. 

“Those students who are quarantining at home or have to be isolated at home will continue receiving instructions from their teachers. Our teachers are utilizing all of the digital tools at their disposal to be able to still communicate with those students," said Loeber. 

Union Public Schools has had students back since August 24. Their latest data showed 35 current active cases and 548 people in quarantine. That’s out of 11,000 teachers and students in classrooms daily.