Former ORU Forward Fulfills Dream Of Playing Professional Basketball

Friday, October 16th 2020, 10:44 pm
By: Daniel Hawk

Having the opportunity to play professional basketball is a dream of every college basketball player. For ORU's Emmanuel Nzekwesi, he made that dream a reality.

Emmanuel Nzekwesi was a beast on the court for ORU. A three-time All-Summit League selection in his four-year career with the Golden Eagles, and now he is a professional athlete playing for ZZ Leiden in his home country of the Netherlands.

“As a kid growing up my dream was to always play professional basketball and just to see this happen right now it’s really a blessing,” Nzekwesi said.

Going home was just part of the cake; the icing - getting the chance to play for the team that we once cheered for when he was nine years old.

"As a kid I actually looked up to these guys who played on the team,” Nzekwesi said. “When I was younger, that was actually my very first professional game that I have ever attended."

The former ORU star has more than a professional basketball on his mind - he'll also be teaching children the game and furthering his education.

"I’ll be working on helping kids, doing clinics and everything and I will also continue doing MBA online,” Nzekwesi said.

Nzekwesi isn't ruling out that one day he could be suiting up to play in the NBA.

"It’s still possible and I'm going to do everything to make that, but I'm just going to be in the moment and appreciate it and just keep moving up,” Nzekwesi said.