Election Boards Say Ballots Counted Despite Delayed Status On Oklahoma Voter Portal

Friday, November 6th 2020, 5:33 am
By: Cal Day

The secretaries for both the Tulsa and Rogers County election boards said they have received numerous phone calls from people asking if their ballots were counted on Election Day. They said there is a delay on the status of ballots on the state’s online voter portal.

A new feature on the Oklahoma Voter Portal has allowed people to track their absentee ballots from the mail to the election board. The same feature also gives a credit to people who voted in-person.

The secretaries both told News On 6 most of these online statuses have to be updated manually. Most staff members simply have not had the time to do this yet, because attention has been focused on processing provisional ballots from the election, which need to be turned into the state by noon on Friday.

They said if you voted absentee, you should now be able to log into the portal and see if your ballot was confirmed or rejected. Meanwhile, for in-person voters, they said if you entered your ballot into a machine then your vote was counted despite a credit not appearing on the portal yet.

The secretaries said they hope to have all statuses updated soon.

The Oklahoma Voter Portal can be accessed by Clicking Here.