2 In Custody Suspected Of Breaking Into Tulsa Jewelry Store

Tuesday, January 19th 2021, 5:11 pm

TULSA, Okla. -

A Tulsa jewelry store owner said she’s grateful after Tulsa Police caught two men who are suspected of burglarizing her store. Police were also able to return thousands of dollars’ worth of jewelry to her.

Abby Alhlou owns Abby’s Jewelry inside Promenade Mall and has run the store for over a decade. She spent her Tuesday afternoon putting thousands of dollars of jewelry back on display, diamonds and gold that were stolen just Tuesday morning.

"I think this is the largest amount of jewelry that's been stolen by Abby's jewelry and 12 years. If I'm not a strong business owner I would never run this business this business is not easy," Alhou said. 

Abby woke up to an alert that her store was broken into around 6 a.m. Tuesday morning. Her cameras captured two men breaking into through store's window. Abby believes the men stole six-figures worth of jewelry in just five minutes.

 "It was shock. I never believed it at the beginning," said Alhou.

When the alarm sounded, two Tulsa police officers were nearby. The officers say they saw Derrick Jones, and Clayton Randolp as they were leaving the mall. After a quick car chase, officers arrested them.

"They did a really good job patrolling the area trying to keep everyone safe and they were really close at the time. It was not something we see all the time," Officer Danny Bean said. 

Officer Bean said they got every single piece of jewelry back, enough to fill an entire table. Abby said she is ramping up her security and building stronger barriers, but she's grateful.

"I'm glad I'm lucky this time. I'm proud of the police and two officers that are phenomenal job. I appreciate them a lot," Alhou said. 

The men are in the Tulsa County Jail. Abby said all her customers' layaway items and jewelry repairs are safe.