Girl's Virtual Lemonade Stand Catches Eye Of Biden's Inaugural Team

Wednesday, January 20th 2021, 9:46 am
By: CBS News

Madison, Wisconsin — Morgan Marsh McGlone started a virtual lemonade stand last spring to raise money for a local food charity that lets people pay what they can. It was the 8-year-old's plan to help struggling families during the coronavirus pandemic

"COVID is a really bad thing and people with food insecurity just have another thing to worry about," she told CBS News.

She offered drink coupons in exchange for donations to raise $90. She ended up fundraising $53,000.

"It's pretty exciting," Morgan said.

The second grader even caught the attention of President-elect Joe Biden's inaugural team.

When the team called Morgan's family, she had to ask her mom a very important question.

"First I asked mom what was an inauguration? Because I never heard of that before," Morgan said.

She will deliver a virtual speech Wednesday night and will hand off to Tom Hanks. Something Morgan said was "cool," despite not knowing who the actor was.

When the pandemic is over, donors can cash in their coupons.

When asked how many cups of lemonade she owes, Morgan replied: "Like 772!"

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