OSMA Officials React To Governor Removing 2 Physicians From OHCA Board

Sunday, September 5th 2021, 9:48 pm
By: Augusta McDonnell


A state medical association speaks out after Governor Kevin Stitt removed two physicians from the Oklahoma Health Care Authority board of directors.

In a statement, the Oklahoma State Medical Association says they are concerned about the move because it may have implications for how Medicaid funds are administered in Oklahoma.

At the last health care authority board meeting, there was a motion to table a rule-making process.

The rules in question could be made to allow private companies to administer Medicaid funds, also called managed care.

The board voted 7 to 1 to table the rule-making process.

three of the people who voted were appointed by Governor Kevin Stitt.

According to a statement, the two who voted to table the process were removed Saturday.

“When two of the physicians voted against this rulemaking, or effectively tabled it, that went directed against what our governor is trying to do as a workaround for managed care organizations,” said Dr. Mary Clarke.

She says now there are no physicians on the board.

The Supreme Court ruled in June that lawmakers need to approve contracts for managed care, striking down the governor’s efforts to privatize Medicaid.

The ruling stated the court took issue with the new managed care model, SoonerSelect. It said the contracts which were drafted with insurance companies need approval from lawmakers to move forward.

News 9 reached out to Governor Stitt’s office for their explanation of why the two board members were removed.

We’re told we can expect more information after the Labor Day holiday.