Town Of Coweta Cleans Up After Night Of Severe Storm Damage

Monday, October 11th 2021, 4:35 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

Some Coweta residents say they’re thankful to be alive after an EF-1 tornado hit the town Sunday night.

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News on 6 weather experts say Sunday night’s tornado had 70 mile-per-hour winds as it ripped through part of the town. Some people lost power, and some homeowners like Louis Raybourn lost a lot more. 

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"We may have had a direct hit. We appear to have the worst damage of any people in the neighborhood here,” said Raybourn.

Raybourn says when the storm went over his home, he and his wife were hiding in the bathroom just feet where his roof collapsed. 

"We’re pleased and blessed that physically we don’t have any damage no injuries — so God was good to us and that way,” Raybourn added. 

Thankfully, members of Raybourn's church, Word of Life Baptist Church, stepped in to help. 

"We had 20-30 people saying ‘how can we get over there and help?’ and we actually had to turn some people away, because we couldn’t have that many people in the house,” Word of Life Baptist Church Pastor Chris Collins said. 

Across the street, many other people like Ron Foster had a lot of damage as well. 

“So I stepped out on the front porch last night and thought well just take a look and it hit. Right then,” Foster explained. 

City leaders say they sounded their tornado sirens multiple times before the storm hit. They say that saved lives last night. Foster says in these tough times, Green Country steps up. 

“Neighbors helping neighbors that’s what they do,” Foster added. 

PSO crews have also been around Coweta all day to restore and repair downed power lines and at last check, nearly everyone had their power back on.