1 Woman Dead, Several Injured After Man Drives Truck Into Crowded Bedlam Party

Sunday, November 28th 2021, 9:30 pm
By: Nate Kotisso


The Rogers County Sheriff's Department has arrested a man in connection to a homicide Saturday night.

Authorities said Clinton Cottom was a neighbor who showed up to a party uninvited and intoxicated on Saturday. Cottom was asked to leave after making unwanted sexual advances towards females at the party.

Cottom was acting belligerent and was physically restrained from entering the house, according to authorities.

Once Cottom left, he grabbed his truck from a neighbors house, returned to the party and started ramming the garage and driving towards attendees at high speeds.

The affidavit said one victim was pinned by the vehicle and taken to the hospital in critical condition with a fractured pelvis.

Another vehicle was launched airborne after Cottom rammed into it, landing on and killing Terry McCauley at the scene. A third person was injured after being struck by the car and is expected to survive.

Cottom was arrested and is facing multiple charges including first degree murder, sexual battery and four counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.