Several Green Country Organizations Host Coat Drive For Families In Need

Sunday, December 5th 2021, 10:10 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

Sunday, with cooler weather in the forecast this week, families in need have new coats thanks to donations from the community. Several local non-profits and volunteers partnered for a coat drive at the Wesley United Methodist Church.

Volunteers with the event said they understand the impact each coat can have on a family. “It can make or break a child. If they don’t have a coat they’re going to freeze. So during the wintertime, a kid needs their coats and stuff like that," said Mark Gilbert.

Gilbert is one of the volunteers who helped sort the piles of coats. This was the second "All Things Warm" coat drive. It started in 2020 at Wesley United Methodist Church after members noticed kids playing basketball in the winter wearing sandals and t-shirts.

"Kiddos were coming in and they just weren’t equipped you know with warm clothes so we’re doing the all things warm drive," said Marsha Waterman.

Marsha Waterman with Warriors Refuge Inc recognized some of the same faces from last year's event and hopes her work with the other non-profits can bring a positive change. “Our goal with warrior refuge is a hand up. So honestly, when we see something like that we want to see change for that family so that next year they’re not needing a coat. Perhaps now they’ve got a job. Perhaps now they are in a house instead of couch surfing," said Waterman.

There were coats for men and women but for Gilbert, Sunday was about helping the younger kids.

“It reminds me a lot of Christmas morning when I see the kids' faces just lighting up and being able to have a coat or being able to have a backpack or being able to have a shirt," said Gilbert.

For more information about Warrior Refuge Inc, CLICK HERE.