Haskell County Deputies Find $60K Worth Of Stolen Items

Tuesday, December 28th 2021, 8:10 pm


Some law enforcement agencies are working to find several suspects after Haskell County Deputies said they found $60,000 worth of stolen stuff. 

"Birds of a feather flock together," said Sheriff Tim Turner.

Sheriff Tim Turner told us they'll be able to tie several suspects to these stolen items which he believes will lead to the discovery of even more stolen property.

"I think they could be spending the new year for several new years in jail," said Sheriff Tim Turner. "There's many investigative techniques out there that we'll use, and we'll be able to connect the pieces. It's a puzzle. And once we put the puzzle together, they'll all go to jail."

A Haskell County resident reported his trailer stolen Sunday morning near Lake Eufaula.

"A guy who does sheetrock work for a living, so it was his livelihood that was stolen," said Sheriff Turner.

During the investigation, Sheriff Turner said they identified a vehicle leaving that same area pulling a stolen box trailer. He said deputies later discovered that same vehicle pulling a different trailer.

"They know we're coming for them. It's just the day that we come. We've got eyes everywhere," said Turner. "And there could be somebody watching 24 hours, 7 days a week because our resources are unlimited. And guess what, we can sleep, and we can rotate shifts but we're gonna be watching them."

The investigation led deputies to a home in rural Pittsburg County where they said they found $60,000 worth of stolen items. These include a missing Haskell County trailer, a not-reported concession trailer, a 2021 Polaris four-wheeler, and a 2021 Polaris Ranger four-seater, both of which were stolen from Eufaula. 

"My focus is getting the hard-working citizen's property back that they've stolen," said Turner. "Our citizens are tired of it. The communities are tired of it. And guess what? It's our job to make sure the citizens are safe and that their property's protected and that's what we're gonna do."

Sheriff Turner said several surrounding law enforcement agencies are involved. Turner said he can pick up the phone and call any of Oklahoma's 77 counties to assist in cases because they all share the same goal. He believes in rural areas, especially, having that working relationship is imperative.

"That cooperation goes so far in letting these bad guys know that boundaries don't stop us and we're not gonna let them stop us," said Turner.

Turner said investigators have conducted multiple interviews with potential witnesses and suspects, they arrested one man tonight in Sequoyah County, and expect to make more arrests very soon.

"We now have the McGirt issue and we're having to check everybody's native status, and if they're native we're having to figure out which venue we're going to prosecute those cases in. And that is the main hurtle or a big hurdle that anybody in Eastern Oklahoma must jump right now is, 'What're we gonna do if we have a native victim or a native suspect and a nonnative, what courts are gonna have the jurisdiction to prosecute these cases and these crimes,'" said Turner.

Turner said many of their persons of interest are convicted felons.

"They're people who just have total disregard for the law and they don't care who they violate or what they steal. It's not their first time at the rodeo and it won't be their first time going to Lexington either," said Turner.

Sheriff Turner said many counties will benefit from this investigation.