Russian YouTuber Creates World's First Retractable Lightsaber

Tuesday, January 25th 2022, 10:10 am

TULSA, Oklahoma -

The Force is strong with this one.

The Magic of Star Wars is getting closer to reality after a Russian Youtuber created the world's first retractable lightsaber.

Alex Burkan's Star Wars-inspired invention produces a 3-foot long plasma blade that burns at more than 5,000 degrees, which is hot enough to cut through steel.

He said it took hundreds of experiments to get it to match the size and shape of a lightsaber. It is fully self-contained with no external power.

This is just the prototype, so it's still a bit limited.

It can only last for 30-seconds at full power, and the torch isn't as stable as it could be.

And this isn't the only project the Alex Lab creator is working on, he's also working on an Iron Man suit!