Work Begins To Repave Part Of Bartlesville Road

Thursday, April 7th 2022, 10:27 pm


A newly repaved road in Bartlesville is having to be torn up and fixed after an issue with the asphalt. A section of Hillcrest Road in Bartlesville just got repaved last fall as part of a project that cost over $2 million, but part of it is having to be torn up and redone after engineers discovered an issue with the asphalt.

Engineers say the problem was too much shale in the top layer of road, which caused part of it to break off the surface after a couple of months of traffic. They say starting in June, crews will need to remove the top two inches and re-lay it with better asphalt.

The project will take about two or three weeks, during that time Hillcrest Road will close. The city said the repair job won't cost taxpayers any more money.