Tulsa Police Presence Increased For PGA Championship

Tuesday, May 17th 2022, 6:36 am

TULSA, Oklahoma -

As PGA Championship week continues, Tulsa Police say they have a number of issues they take into consideration when it comes to large events, including theft and distracted driving.

TPD Lt. Paul Madden says they have been working with the PGA crews for the past three years to make sure everything goes off as well as possible this week.

Lt. Madden said they learned from their Senior PGA plan in 2021 and made changes to this year’s plan after discussing what could’ve been better last year.

They recommend people avoid leaving expensive or valuable items in their cars in any of the guest lots. There will be patrols in the parking lot areas, but there will be thousands of cars at one time. Lt. Madden said attendees also need to triple-check that they have locked their car before walking away.

“Lock your car, hide your valuables, or simply don’t bring them, that’s the best advice I can give,” Madden said.

TPD will have more than 100 officers doing traffic and patrol duties every day this week to make sure everyone stays safe and focused on driving. If you do get into an accident while in traffic, Lt. Madden recommends moving your car from the road if it’s safe to do so and waiting for an officer to take a report and help with any injuries.

According to Madden, traffic will get backed up at times, but they have a well-run plan in place.

“We shouldn’t experience any gridlock,” Madden said. “We are going to have a number of additional vehicles but they should dwindle down with the use of our shuttle systems and the large parking lots available, we shouldn’t experience any gridlock.”

He said they are also on the lookout for people being taken advantage of or people trying to commit crimes, and if you see anything suspicious you should immediately call 911.

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