Tulsa Diner Meets Demand Of PGA Crowds

Tuesday, May 17th 2022, 5:23 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

The PGA Championship has business booming across the city of Tulsa.

We caught up with some golf fans grabbing a bite to eat before heading out to Southern Hills.

BBD2 Diner Manager Jacob Mix is busy Tuesday morning tending to his customers. Some traveled far and a lot live nearby.

He's taking orders and making sure his customers are caffeinated before golf fans head out to Southern Hills all day.

BBD2 is preparing for big brunch crowds this week.

Owner Cindy Paul put up signs by the golf course and has been advertising on social media. "We're so close in proximity," she said.

Paul said it's amazing to see Tulsa getting this level of recognition.

"Anytime we can be on the national stage, and the world stage, that just highlights Tulsa and what a great city it is," said Paul.

Customers feel that excitement too, even compared to the last PGA championship in 2007.

"It seems like there is more people," a customer said.

After a nice plate of eggs, bacon, and home fries, it's only birdies from here. "Just to see the players a little more up close."

BBD2 said it expects a bigger turnout throughout the week and into the weekend, and said it's ready to meet that demand.