Lori Fullbright: Things I Do Differently After Covering Crime

News On 6 Anchor Lori Fullbright has decades of crime-reporting experience, and in this column, she's giving you one of her biggest tips: the things she does differently after covering crime for all these years.

Thursday, May 16th 2024, 7:13 pm


People ask me often if I do things differently after having covered crime for 32 years and interviewing so many victims, criminals, and police officers.

My answer is absolutely yes.

I don’t think I’m paranoid about crime, and I don’t live in fear, but I do take precautions that I wouldn’t have before because of the things I see happening to ordinary people every day.

In the past, I always kept my cell phone and keys in my purse while out running errands, but not anymore.

But I’ve interviewed too many people who, after having their purse snatched, are panicked at the thought the criminal now has their home address and their house keys. Plus, they can’t call for help at that moment or drive home.

I used to push my purse under the front seat or put it in the trunk when I got out at a park to ride my bike or take a walk.

But I’ve interviewed dozens of people who came back to broken glass and a missing purse. I’ve even seen cases where the suspect broke the window, popped the trunk latch, and grabbed the purse.

I used to never hide my extra checks inside my house.

But then, I talked and interviewed dozens of people who had their checks stolen by burglars and spent months, even years, trying to deal with all the bounced checks and issues that followed.

I used to keep my sentimental jewelry in the jewelry box until I interviewed people who had burglars steal items that were more valuable than money and that could never be replaced. Now, I have creative hiding places for things like my grandmother’s pearls.

I used to never think twice about answering seemingly innocent questions from strangers.

But I have interviewed too many people who had terrible things happen to them because someone asked them for directions, for a cigarette, or which cat food was best. Now, it puts me on alert, and I instinctively wonder, “Why are they asking me?”

It often doesn’t make sense when there are other people or places where they could get the information.

I do believe it’s possible to be a kind, good-hearted, helpful citizen, but first, I think, “How can I help but also be safe?”

Every victim I’ve interviewed has said, “Lori, I never thought it would happen to me.” But, unfortunately, it does.

So, yes, being the crime reporter has changed some of my thoughts and actions, but it hasn’t changed my belief that the vast majority of people in this world are good.

I certainly don’t live in fear, but I do believe we should live prepared.


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