There has been a lot of talk of developing downtown Tulsa.  The push is on for folks to ‘"Devour Downtown."  It's an effort to get more downtown diners.  News On 6 anchor Craig Day reports the big event hopes to draw even more customers.

"The diversity of the types of foods available, the atmosphere that is available.  It's just a lot of neat places," said Caz's Chowhouse Owner Jeff Castleberry.

During Devour Downtown Tulsa Restaurant Week, January 19th through the 27th, restaurants like Caz's will offer specials to attract more downtown diners.

"We're kind of secluded, there's not a lot of residential stuff happening yet down here, so the evening's find us really looking for people to come down and visit," said Castleberry.

Over at the Blue Dome Diner, they also hope the Downtown Tulsa Unlimited event will showcase what downtown restaurants have to offer.

"Open their eyes to downtown and hopefully they will find some restaurants that they like and they'll come back to on a regular basis," said Blue Dome Diner Manager Brian Prewitt.

"A lot of areas of town, you have the big neon signs where everybody can see what is there, and downtown you really don't know what is down here unless you get someone else to tell you some really good places to go to," said Bixby resident Stephanie Thomason.

A portion of the proceeds from Devour Downtown will also be donated to the Tulsa Police Department's Downtown Bicycle Patrol.

There are 18 restaurants taking part in the Devour Downtown Tulsa Restaurant Week.  You can find everything from Mexican Food to Sub Sandwiches.

Everything to tempt the taste buds and once more people get a taste of downtown Tulsa, restaurant owners hope they'll want to come back for seconds.

Participating restaurants include:

  • 7 West Cafe
  • Baxter's Interurban Grill
  • Billy's on the Square
  • Blue Dome Diner
  • Caz's Chowhouse
  • El Guapo's Cantina
  • Felini's
  • Grand Selections
  • Hopscotch Deli
  • James E. McNellie's Public House
  • Lola's at the Bowery
  • Mexicali Border Café
  • Oklahoma Spud
  • Quizno's
  • Steakfinger House
  • Subway
  • Teri's