Tulsa’s mayor gets a report that's critical of the administration of Tulsa Police chief Dave Been.

The mayor suspended Been over his handling of an internal review of the SWAT team - and the new report says that suspension was warranted. But there's something it doesn't say. News on 6 reporter Emory Bryan says the report is a couple of hundred pages long, and is a review of what happened in the week before Chief Been was suspended from duty.

The city hired Frank Hagedorn to investigate Chief Been's handling of a critical review of the SWAT team. Hagedorn's mission was to find out why Been held on to the report for several days, and only gave it to the mayor after he was asked for it.

Hagedorn concludes Been was trying to protect the reputation of the SWAT team and didn't communicate with the mayor because he didn't think the mayor needed to know. “And for him to decide what can and cannot go before the mayor, that's not right."

Hagedorn described a hatred between the top leaders of the police department, and said Been didn't distribute the report to 2 of his deputy chiefs who he doesn't get along with.

Chief Been told the News on 6 Friday afternoon, that he still hasn't seen the report and he doesn't know what's in it.

The mayor said he'll take the weekend to review it and decide what to do in a few days.

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