TULSA, OK -- Three people were taken into police custody after an armed robbery Saturday night at a QuikTrip located at 51st and Mingo.

Officers with the Tulsa Police Department responded to the robbery at about 10:30 p.m.

Two men and one woman put a gun to the back of a man's head and demanded he give them his wallet, according to police. Officers say the man gave them his wallet and the suspects took off.

The robbery victim was able to tell police the suspects left westbound in a black Dodge Durango. Police relayed this information to other officers and a vehicle matching the description was found. The officer pulled the vehicle over in the QuikTrip parking lot at 49th and South Yale.

Inside the vehicle, officers found three people who matched an earlier description, a gun and the victim's stolen property -- money that the suspects put in a shoe.

"These officers were in the right place and actually did a good job of spotting it, where nobody got hurt, no incidents and three bad guys are going to jail tonight," said Corporal Mark Secrist, Tulsa Police.

The suspects were taken into custody for questioning.