By Tara Vreeland, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- The snow continues to pile up at Tulsa International Airport.

This winter storm has caused problems for travelers at airports across the country and will surely continue to cause problems for people flying in and out of Tulsa this Christmas Eve.

We are past delays. We are talking cancellations now.

Around noon, Continental canceled all departing flights from Tulsa for the rest of the day. Since then, we've learned Southwest has canceled all flight arrivals and departures.

A lot of people disappointed folks hoping to make it home in time for Christmas.

Frontier and United have canceled flights to Denver. Flight changes and cancellations are up to the individual airline. It's a good idea to check before you leave the house.

Alexis Higgins of the Tulsa International Airport told the News On 6, "The best advice is for people to call their airline directly. We have airline contact information on our website. We also have flight information on our website. It wouldn't hurt to call that check that and make sure it's on time."

An airport spokesperson says they are monitoring the runways and pavement temperatures and so far they are not freezing. That will change as the temperatures drop.

Good thing Santa has Rudolph to guide his sleigh tonight.

Check flight status at Tulsa International Airport.