By Craig Day, The News On 6

CRAIG COUNTY -- Wednesday was a big payday for law enforcement agencies in Craig County. A big seizure of about a $1 million in cash during a 2006 traffic stop, is now a big windfall for police, deputies and the D.A.'s office.

A meeting at Craig County District Attorney Gene Haynes office was about three years in the making. One they've really looked forward to.

"If there is such a thing, just a routine traffic stop," said Craig County Sheriff Jimmy Sooter.

That December, 2006 traffic stop of a box truck in Vinita ended up being anything but routine. A police drug dog hit led to a search which led to an amazing find.

"It was kind of unbelievable," Sooter said.

Sheriff's deputies and Vinita Police officers found one, five, ten, twenty, and hundred dollar bills, one right after the other, adding up to $918,000. More money than any of them had seen before.

Since it was suspected drug money, forfeiture proceedings began. Now through the court process, that's why Wednesday's meeting was so anticipated.

The Craig County Sheriff's office gets a 40 percent cut of the confiscated money. Vinita Police receive 40 percent. The rest goes to the DA's office.

"The sheriff's office hopes to get additional tasers, a new vehicle, and other new equipment," said Craig County District Attorney Gene Haynes.

Plus the money will help get the Craig County Sheriff's Office through the rest of the fiscal year. Same goes for the District Attorney's office.

Since that traffic stop and seizure, the money's been in the bank gaining interest, so now it amounts to more than $1 million.