TULSA, OK -- Protestors at the "Taking Our Country Back Tour" expressed anger that their presence was not documented by some of the local media.

Protestor Timothy Beauchamp said his group had a permit to protest outside the event and were present and accounted for on Saturday.

"This is why people no longer trust the traditional media," he said of his group's lack of representation in media coverage of the conservative event.

Beauchamp, who is the Vice President of the Democratic Party in Jay, said many of the protestors are members of "Move On Tulsa." Others were from Tulsa area churches who felt moved to protest Glenn Beck's views on social justice.

Rev. Melinda Foster pastor of OpenTable UCCOwasso said she was at the Civic Center because she thinks it's important for all people to be covered by health insurance and "to protest comments by Glenn Beck that people should leave their churches if there is anything said or written about social or economic justice."

"Social Justice Is Not An Evil Code Word," one protestor's sign read. Other signs protested the national Fox News channel's claim that their coverage is fair and balanced.