TULSA, Oklahoma - About a half dozen witnesses took the stand Wednesday in the trial of a man accused of starting a fire that killed two people and critically injured another.

The fire happened in March 2009 at the Royal Arms apartments, which is near 51st and Peoria. One of the residents, Mark Roberts is on trial for two murders, arson and making meth in connection with the fire.

Maria Martinez and Armando Nunez died from injuries they suffered in the fire. Nunez lived a few doors down from where investigators say the meth lab exploded.

The jury listened to the 911 call from another woman, Nikki Cain. Cain was rescued, but suffered severe smoke inhalation and is now in a vegetative state.

After the 9-1-1 call, the firefighter who pulled Cain from her burning apartment took the stand.

Chad Meyer testified firefighters were told there was someone in one of the apartments. Meyer said he left his post and admitted he went in to a dangerous situation.

He told the jury he saw a foot sticking out from a blanket and said that's when he found Cain.

Meyer choked up several times during his testimony. He says as firefighters, "we are supposed to show up and make things better. Take care of problems. It's hard to process. Like it is now."

The jury also heard from the woman who says she was with Mark Roberts the night of the fire and his father.

Testimony continues Thursday.

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