OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin says the rejection of the Keystone pipeline project by President Obama Wednesday afternoon is "a sad day for those of us who care about American energy independence and job creation."

Fallin issued a statement ahead of the President's announcement.

President Barack Obama said he's denying an application for a Canada-to-Texas oil pipeline because a GOP-mandated deadline didn't allow time for a full review. 

Obama says his decision isn't a judgment on the merits of the proposed $7 billion pipeline. Rather, he's citing the "arbitrary nature" of the February 21 deadline that was set by a GOP-written provision in a recent tax bill that Obama signed.

The 1,700-mile pipeline would carry oil from tar sands in western Canada to refineries in Texas. It would pass through Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma.

Fallin says she is "outraged by President Obama's obstructionism." 

In September 2011, Pipeliners Union Local 798 announced it supported the pipeline project because of the jobs it will bring to Oklahoma.

Fifty welders a day go through classes at Pipeliners Union Local 798 in Tulsa, one of the largest union training centers in the country.

Statement from Governor Mary Fallin:

"If the reports are true that President Obama will reject the application for the Keystone XL pipeline, it's a sad day for those of us who care about American energy independence and job creation.

"Independent reports show Oklahoma anticipates a $1.2 billion economic investment in the state. Nationally, 20,000 construction jobs and as many as 250,000 jobs are expected to be created.

"The decision by the president to block construction of this pipeline is more evidence this administration is beholden to radical environmentalists and does not care about real job creation or the plight of tens of millions of unemployed Americans.   I am outraged by President Obama's obstructionism, poor judgment and lack of regard for a project that would help secure America's energy independence, boost our economy and create hundreds of thousands of jobs."

Statement from Oklahoma Congressman John Sullivan:

"President Obama is turning his back on jobs and energy security –this political nod to the radical environmental left  single-handedly destroyed nearly 20,000 new private sector jobs and up to 1.3 million barrels of oil per day coming from Alberta, Canada and North Dakota. The fact of the matter is that our country needs all the energy we can get to continue growing our economy, and with gas prices expected to rise in the coming months, he just sold our energy security to Iran and other OPEC nations.

It is in both our economic and national security interests to use the oil and gas reserves right here in our own backyard instead of continuing to spend billions to OPEC nations every year. Iran, a country that is wreaking havoc with the global oil markets must be smiling today.  Congratulations Mr. President, you just gave a victory to Iran.

This fight is not over – I will continue to pressure the Administration to approve this common sense project to create jobs and help secure our energy future."