TULSA, Oklahoma - Mohammed Aziz pled guilty Monday to solicitation charges stemming from the 2008 Murder of former TU football star Neal Sweeney.

"He acknowledged that in May of 2008, he agreed and asked Allen Shields to kill Neal Sweeney," said prosecutor Doug Drummond.

The words prosecutors needed to move forward. In his plea, Aziz made two payments of $5,000 to have Sweeney's murder carried out.

"Three days before the murder took place, Allan Shields comes to him and Mr. Aziz said in his plea he told him ‘do you still want to do this?' Mr. Aziz said ‘Yes,'" Drummond said.

Aziz pleaded guilty to solicitation of first degree murder in exchange for 35 years in prison. Drummond says if he cooperates, the best thing Aziz can hope for is 25 years.

Three other people are awaiting trial in this case. Aziz is expected to testify against them.

"We have spoken with the Sweeney family; they are on board with this decision. Of course, it is very difficult for them as you might imagine, it's been quite a roller coaster for them," Drummond said. "They understand the goal is again to bring justice to all four defendants and do that as swiftly and as best as we can."

Aziz was charged with conspiracy and first degree murder, but those charges were dropped. Sweeney's family didn't have a comment at this time.