TULSA, Oklahoma - It was Wax Museum Day at Metro Christian Academy. The cafeteria was packed Thursday with historical figures, famous actors and sports stars; there was also one very special personal hero.

This is the 13th Wax Museum Day at Metro. Fourth graders dressed as famous Americans. There were lots of hard work on display, but for many visitors Charlie Chaffin's presentation was particularly special.

"Danny Thomas is my hero," Charlie said.

Danny Thomas was a comic and comic actor on radio and in the early days of TV sitcoms--but more than that--he's famous for founding the St Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis.

Charlie knows a lot about St Jude's. He's been going there receiving treatments for brain cancer for more than a year, and today he's been very busy Telling Danny Thomas's story to other students who stopped by to listen.

The presentations were only part of the project. Students had to read a biography and write up their research. A labor of love for a young man about his hero,

"I'd probably say he saved my life....his creation saved my life," Charlie said.

Charlie's mom says the cancer is gone and now life's about recovering and getting stronger.