SKIATOOK, Oklahoma - An 8-month-old baby is in the hospital with what doctors call a high level of meth in her system. The baby's mother was taken to jail and the baby and her twin sister are now in DHS custody.

The baby's mother, Amy Daughtery, is out on a deferred sentence for accessory to armed robbery. She was pregnant with her twins at the time, and records show she admitted using marijuana and meth during that pregnancy.

"She had her head down," neighbor Daniella said. "She wouldn't lift her head up at all. She was rolling her head back and forth. Her tongue was stuck out of her mouth. She wouldn't look at you."

Daniella says as soon as her neighbor, Amy Daughtery, brought over one of her twin girls Monday night, she knew the baby needed help. Daniella's husband rushed Daughtery to the nearest fire station.

After doctors found high levels of meth in the baby, Daughtery was arrested. The neighbors say the baby had been fine earlier in the day, so they were stumped.

"We was all trying to figure out how the baby could've got a hold of it," Daniella said. "I know it's not here. We couldn't figure out where it came from."

Police say Daughtery admitted using marijuana and meth earlier on Monday, and even though the baby was with her all day, said she didn't know how the little girl, who can't crawl yet, ingested the drug.

"To go and see something like this is alarming to us as human beings," said Sgt. Shannon Clark with the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office. "It's shocking what one person can do to another."

Records show when Daughtery was pregnant with the twins, she agreed to be the get-away driver while the babies' father and his brother robbed a convenience store across the street from their trailer. But she got scared, ran into the woods and surrendered to deputies.

Records show she dropped out of high school in the 11th grade, first tried pot at 16, got married at 16 and has two boys from that marriage, who live with their father and first tried meth at age 23.

They say she admitted using both drugs while pregnant with the twins.

"This methamphetamine war is taking over our society," Sgt. Walker said.

We don't know how the baby girl is doing since she is in protective custody along with her twin sister and a brother who is around five.

Daughtery was booked into jail for felony child endangerment. It's likely her five year deferred sentence could also be revoked.