TULSA, Oklahoma - Support a budding entrepreneur by buying a cool glass of lemonade Sunday, May 6. That's Lemonade Day, and young business men and women will set up stands to learn business – and charitable – lessons.

Lemonade Day was kicked off on Saturday when Harvest Crates of Tulsa gave the kids a chance to buy lemons at a discount. It's part of a nationwide effort to encourage future business owners.

"They go through 14 different lessons," said Grant Killion, a volunteer with Tulsa Lemonade Day. "The goal is just to teach them how to run their own business - financial management, marketing, advertising."

Kids who participate in the venture decide for themselves where to set up their stands and are responsible for letting people know about the sales. They will also be encouraged to give a portion of their profits to charity.

"The goal is to teach the kids how to save some, spend some and share some," Killion said.

The young business people are taught that the community helps their business be successful, so that it's good to give back to keep the community flourishing.

Last year, 125,000 kids took part in Lemonade Day nationally and gave almost $6 million to charities of their choice, according to Killion. This is the first year Tulsa has taken part in the initiative.

Killion said the kids will be scattered across town May 6 – so be sure to buy a cup or two in support.