TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa's OSU Medical Center is replacing its parking garage with a $9.7 million, three-story structure.

"The revitalizations to our parking garage and surrounding parking area will renew both our image and campus, benefiting our corner of downtown Tulsa. We are and always have been proud to be located in the heart of downtown Tulsa. We look forward to sharing our aesthetic improvements with our surrounding neighbors, those who drive by (both on downtown streets and utilize the adjacent highways) and with our OSUMC family as well. This external change will be the first transformative improvement to the campus that anyone who drives by will see," said Jan Slater, OSUMC CEO.

The 249-bed downtown Tulsa hospital acquired the current steel and concrete garage from Southwest Airlines in 1976, importing the superstructure from Dallas' Love Field after years of use at that location.

Slater says while the garage's superstructure remains in good shape, worn concrete must be replaced. But after looking at several alternatives, the OSU Medical Center Trust decided the most cost-effective plan was to tear down the old garage and build a new one.

The new parking garage along with current surface spaces will provide the OSU Medical Center with 1,040 parking spaces.