TULSA, Oklahoma - A real estate firm is auctioning off City of Tulsa's Center Office Building at 7th and Houston Wednesday at 1 p.m.

In a news release, Tulsa officials say the five story, 51,580 square feet, office building is one of the last facilities on the market from the consolidation of city employees to City Hall at One Technology Center in 2007.

The now vacant building is being sold according to Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett to help increase economic development in the city.

"The Center Office Building property is important to downtown Tulsa as it is in close proximity to the Convention Center and the OSU Medical Center," Mayor Dewey Bartlett said.

Williams & Williams is the auctioneer and the starting price is $50,000.

In 2010, Tulsa's City Hall was sold to developer TOCH for the development of a hotel and restaurant.

The Center Office building was constructed in 1966 and what was then a second-level parking garage was converted to office space in 1981.