TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa County jury Friday recommended four life sentences for the man behind one of the "most chilling and scary home invasions" that's come through a Tulsa courtroom.

Brian Breckenridge led two other men in a 2010 holdup. They kicked open Larry's door just before sunrise, put guns to his head and demanded money.

Larry fought back and wrestled a gun away from his attackers. He fired a few shots and the men ran off. A neighbor called 911 after hearing gunshots next door.

"When the officer walked up my driveway, I was never so happy to see a guy in my life," Larry said.

One of the men Larry shot plead guilty to the attack. He's spending 15 years in jail.

But the jury threw the book at Breckenridge, recommending four life sentences for armed robbery, burglary, assault and battery, and possession of a firearm.