TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa teenager made a daring move to escape a carjacking, scrambling into a stranger's home through their doggie door.

Police say the 17-year-old was on her way home, sitting at a stop light with her windows down and doors unlocked when a man and woman jumped into her SUV and demanded she drive them to 61st and Peoria.

The girl turned into a friend's driveway at 43rd and Lewis and jumped out. Police say, when she found the friend wasn't home, she escaped through the doggie door of the house next door.

"That was kind of unsettling to us that this girl can get right into our house through a doggie door," Turner said.

Barbara Turner and her husband were asleep Monday night when they were startled by rapid banging on their back door and bedroom window.

"He thought it was somebody trying to get in and using her as the bait to get us to open the door," Turner said.

In fact, the teenage girl had just escaped a situation that could have easily turned deadly. According to police, the girl was at a stop light near 41st and Utica when the Hispanic couple jumped into her SUV. The man had a gun and police say he pistol whipped the girl.

Officers say she made a daring move by stopping the SUV and jumping out.

"She was covered in blood," Turner said.

The teen crawled under a gate and ran to a friend's house. When the friend didn't answer, she ran next door to a stranger's house and crawled through their doggie door to safety.

"We asked her 'Why did you pick this house?' and she said, 'Because you had a walled backyard and it looked safe,'" Turner said.

The girl left a trail of blood. Turner said her motherly instincts kicked in when she saw her.

"She was just terrified. She was trembling and bleeding," Turner said. "I worried about her because with a head injury like that, it's a wonder she didn't collapse."

She said she wants this experience to be a message to all young women to always keep your windows up and car doors locked.

Barbara Turner, Homeowner: "I think you can feel real secure in this part of town. We're finding out we're not so secure."

Police say the carjackers abandoned the SUV, and left a Chihuahua-type puppy inside. Investigators tell us the dog was turned over to Animal Control.

Police are still searching for the suspects. If you know anything, you're asked to call Crime Stoppers at 918-596-COPS.