TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa family had been at the lake Monday, when they got home and realized burglars had ransacked their entire home.

They were devastated by all that was taken, but thankful police got a tip several hours later that led to the suspects and some of their property.

Not only did the thieves steal all kinds of items, including the couple's wedding rings, but they even urinated on the family's furniture and loaded pictures of themselves onto the family's stolen laptop, wearing the stolen jewelry, like it was all some kind of joke.

The couple we're calling the Smiths - they asked not to be identified - haven't even begun to put everything back in its place yet. There's glass on the floor and furniture overturned, and they've only just been able to clear a path through their master bedroom, because the thieves emptied all the dresser drawers and the closets and flipped up the mattress. They were left with a mess in practically every room of the house.

They say it's such a violation of their private, personal space.

"You just can't describe how you feel," Mr. Smith said.

The thieves loaded what they could into the family's extra car and took off. They left behind a lot they had bagged up, but didn't take, so the family believes the neighbors scared off the thieves before they could finish.

Several hours later, police got a tip from a hotel clerk that people were carrying guns from a car to a hotel room.

There, officers found the Smiths' vehicle and several of the stolen guns and paperwork.

"They had taken the tag off and replaced it with a paper tag, they'd hung personal items off the rearview mirror, and had a CD in with music we had never heard of," Mrs. Smith said.

Officers arrested Tylor Bailor and Joni Matthews for concealing stolen property and the stolen car. Police say Matthews was wearing some of the stolen jewelry.

Police say the third suspect, Ryan Campbell, took off and led officers on a chase until he crashed. After getting bit by a K-9, Campbell was taken to the hospital and arrested.

Officers found more of the family's stolen items in that vehicle.

All of Mr. Smith's guns are now accounted for. Even though they have some things back, many other things are still missing. Their daughter had just graduated from Saint Pius. The thieves took every one of her graduation cards, along with the money and gift cards in them. They even helped themselves to some of her graduation cake that was in the kitchen.