TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa police and child crisis detectives are trying to sort out information surrounding a toddler found late last night outside alone.

They are at the house of a relative of the woman who says she is the 19-month-old girl's mother.

A woman named Angela Brown found the girl Monday night and after unsuccessfully trying to find her parents, called police.

On Tuesday morning, a woman called officers saying she is the mom, and she recognized the toddler from seeing the story on toddler. She told police her daughter was supposed to be with a babysitter Monday night.

That babysitter was supposed to be staying with the mother's brother.

Police are at his home now, but say no one is cooperating with them.

Brown told News On 6 she and her neighbor saw the girl walking in the street at 11:30 p.m. near Garrison and 55th Place North.

Brown says her motherly instincts kicked in and she took the little girl inside, gave her a bath, changed her diaper and put her to bed. Then they went door to door for about two hours looking for the child's parents.