TULSA, Oklahoma - We thought you'd like to know more about the members of the News On 6 team who bring you the news that happens in Tulsa and northeast Oklahoma every day. That's why we've started this new feature on NewsOn6.com.

Today we're introducing you to Tess Maune. Tess has been a reporter at News On 6 since March 2012. She's covered all kinds of stories in that time, one of which got her hooked on a new hobby.

1. What was your first job in television news?

I worked at a very small TV station in Stillwater while in college at Oklahoma State (it was one of my three jobs). I think only about four towns could pick up the channel. I did a little bit of everything at TV-31; I was a writer, producer, director and anchor. I ran the studio camera(s), did voiceover work for commercials and was a photographer for high school and little league football games. I worked master control and we had technical issues for months, which meant I had to drive far into the country to "the tower" so I could manually change the evening shows from a DVD player in a little shed. And lastly, I was the janitor. It was quite the experience, it taught me so much and gave me a special appreciation for the many different jobs needed to make a TV station operate. It also prepared me for my first job out of college -- the 10 p.m. producer at a station in Fayetteville, Arkansas. That's also where I got my start as a reporter.

2. You have 15 minutes of free time, what do you do?

I call and talk to my mom... or do a little online "shopping." Half the time I load up my virtual cart with great shoes, clothes and jewelry, then click exit. I call it affordable retail therapy.

3. What's in the console of your car?

I don't have a console - just three cup holders. But in my glove box I have napkins, pens, insurance verification, car manuals, a tire gauge and a little angel my grandma made and gave me in high school.

4. What's your hidden talent?

As some already know I noodle, as in hand-fishing for catfish. It surprises a lot of folks because I don't really have the typical "noodler look" about me. I first went for a news story two years ago... now I spend every weekend in the summer on the lake noodling, always with my boyfriend by my side. Now, to answer the question, I don't have to see the catfish anymore to know what kind it is, I just have to touch it and I know if I'm dealing with a Flathead or Blue Cat. So, what does this "talent" provide me? Pretty much, nothing, but I have been patting myself on the back since learning how to differentiate the two by touch.

5. What was your high school mascot?

El Reno Indians - Go Big Blue!

6. How would you describe Tulsa to someone who's never been here?

Hip. Full of incredibly kind people. Accepting. Growing. Architecturally splendid. Fun. There's something for everyone. And, it's close to all sorts of great, scenic places to enjoy the outdoors. I was born and raised in central Oklahoma, but I have fallen in love with Green Country.

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