TULSA, Oklahoma - The weather in Oklahoma was overcast and rainy Wednesday and the temperature was in the 60s. Many Oklahomans are enjoying the unseasonable weather, some are wishing it away, but businesses that rely on the heat are seeing their sales freeze.

The cool weather lately has some businesses sweating their now stressed income.

"I've actually heard a lady say she was going to turn her heater on tonight because of how cool it's going to get tonight,” said Virginia Cellers with Wortman Central Air Conditioning.

Wortman Central Air Conditioning usually takes 60 to 80 service calls a day in July, but the past two days there have been less than ten.

“We obviously don't like comfortable weather. We're in for the very hot or the very cold. You gotta stay in business, but on a personal level, I live at the lake, I love it,” Cellers said.

Summer and sno-cones seem to be synonymous, except when there's a chill in the air.

"When you're in like the heat of the summer, sno-cone sounds great, water parks sound great, but as soon as it kinda cools down, your mindset goes towards, maybe a nice cup of coffee or something awesome like that." Aubri Wolfe with Josh's Sno Shack said.

Sarah Swanson and Danielle Glover didn't let the cooler weather steal away the sweet summer treat from Josh's Sno Shack. They, like many others, somewhat appreciate the cold snap.

"It's crazy. It's Oklahoma,” Glover said.

“We were thinking about going swimming, but it's raining,” said Swanson.

Rain didn't stop cyclist Thomas Schlabaugh from turning his wheels. Although, he said his weekly cycling group normally rolls out, filling the parking lot.

"Crowded, [but today], not very many showed up,” he said.

He's sure that won't last long as hotter temperatures are just around the corner.

"Oh yeah. They'll be back next week,” Schlabaugh said.

It’s July, so odds are the cool weather won’t last, but until the heat returns businesses like Wortman Central Air Conditioning and Josh’s Sno Shack are losing hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.