KIEFER, Oklahoma - Kiefer police say a Missouri man who came to Oklahoma to buy heroin ended up stealing a SUV from church parking lot. Douglas Atwood was captured in Miami along with the stolen Chevy Tahoe, according to Kiefer Chief of Police Johnny OMara.

OMara said police are filing evidence with the Creek County district attorney's office in hopes that Atwood will be returned to face charges.

Atwood, 29, reportedly came to Sapulpa on Sunday to purchase heroin, then found himself stranded. The Lincoln, Missouri, man walked to the Kiefer area where he saw the SUV parked in a church parking lot with the keys left inside.

Police were called after someone saw him "speeding away" in the stolen vehicle, a news release states.

"I can't stress enough how important it is to make your vehicle and your property a hard target for thieves, even in a town like Kiefer." said Police Chief Johnny OMara.

"This thief simply saw an opportunity and took it."

Kiefer police entered the vehicle information in the law enforcement computer network, and Atwood was spotted at a Miami gas station. He was arrested on a complaint of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

"This turned out well for the victim and I'm glad about that," OMara said. "A lot of things came together well and a lot of good old fashioned law enforcement work was done by the KPD, the dispatchers at the Creek County Sheriff's Office, and the Miami PD to get this outcome."