MUSKOGEE COUNTY, Oklahoma - Prosecutors charged a Muskogee County man with a misdemeanor after they say his two dogs viciously attacked another man, sending him to the hospital.

Ronnie Gene Casey Jr. is charged with failure to restrain dangerous dogs. They say his two pit bulls attacked Glenn Boulet causing several severe injuries.

According to court documents, the dogs had previously killed cats, rabbits, chased at least two other people and bit another.

Police say Boulet was walking on the sidewalk in his neighborhood on July 14, 2014 when he was attacked.

"His nose and mouth was all hanging over here. His ear was bit off a little bit," said the victim's son, Glenn Boulet Jr.

The report says the dogs got out of the fence and attacked Boulet, who began yelling for help. They say neighbors ran to help.

According to police, one witness hit the dogs with a baseball bat to stop the attack. They say the same witness then returned to his home, grabbed a shotgun and shot one of the pit bulls.

If convicted, Casey could face up to one year in jail or a $5,000 fine.