TULSA, Oklahoma - Some Hoover Elementary school parents are raising money so their children's kindergarten teacher can stay at their school. They have to raise enough money to cover his salary for a year or Tulsa Public Schools will move his job elsewhere.

Hoover parents have one more day to come up with the money to cover the salary. There is one full-time teacher whose position is at risk based on school enrollment, but some mothers I talked to say cutting his job here would devastate their kids.

Because of budget constraints kids at Hoover Elementary may learn a tough life lesson before they graduate from kindergarten. It's a harsh reality that brings some 6 year olds to tears.

"Serious breakdown , meltdown, crying spells - probably 15 times yesterday. He doesn't want to lose Mr. Foreman," said Katie Lehman, mom.

Every year Tulsa Public Schools go through a "trimming" process. The district hires staff - based on last year's enrollment, but when fewer students than expected enroll, teachers are transferred to different positions. This year at Hoover, one full time teaching position has to be cut.

"I know it's sounds like a really cold process, but it's just one of those things where we have a formula," said Chris Payne, Tulsa Public Schools spokesperson.

"It's the reality of the world we live in where do have very very tight budgets."

So parents and kids are getting creative to come up with cash to keep Mr. Foreman in a Hoover classroom.

"We have students who are in their piggy banks- bringing in a dollar, two dollars," said parent Anna Gross.

The goal is to raise enough to cover the teacher's annual salary, which is an estimated $33,000 plus benefits. Through Facebook and phone calls, parents have raised $ 9,240 in five days.

"A single dad that has three girls that goes to Hoover, and for them to bring us a check for $100 - it's huge," Gross said.

And so is Mr. Foreman's influence.

"I need a male role model in his life right now in kindergarten to show him how a positive male is supposed to act," said parent Katie Lehman. "Mr. Foreman is very caring and takes care of his kids. They know that he loves them."

If the parents aren't able to raise the money needed, Mr. Foreman will be transferred to another school in the district. There's only one more day to get the cash to TPS.

Hoover will lose one certified full-time teacher and two part-time teachers.

If you can help, follow this link to their Facebook page or call 918-691-8161.