TULSA, Oklahoma - First responders say they are staying busy at the Tulsa State Fair, with more than 100 people treated so far.

EMSA has locations at the Exchange Center -- where you'll find the "Made In Oklahoma" vendors.

Paramedics can treat people at the fair who just walk in needing help.

“It's just like a small city in here is the way we treat it," EMSA Operations Manager Jason Whitlow said.

Five teams of paramedics are switching out of ambulances and riding in golf carts at the Tulsa State Fair. For the next week, that is how these first responders will get around the crowded rows of carnival games, rides and food stands.

“Those same medical problems that the people have outside of here, they come in here with," Whitlow said.

Whitlow said paramedics took more than 15 patients from the fair to area hospitals this weekend.

“We deal with a wide array of everything -- from pregnancy problems to traumatic injuries to medical problems -- just about anything. We can deal with anything we can outside of here,” he said.

EMSA says paramedics already handled 40 medical calls and gave out more than 80 bandages for cuts and scrapes.

People needing emergency medical help at the fair easily can call 911 and can easily flag down security or sheriff's deputies.

Whitlow says the nice weather has made the fair more enjoyable this year, but recommends fairgoers be prepared for a day's worth of fun.

“You're out here walking around, you're out here a long time, hours on end,” he said. “Don't wear new shoes. Wear something you've gotten broke in. Wear some comfortable shoes, comfortable clothing, drink a lot of water. We've got another seven or so days and we'll be here just like this every single day.”

EMSA also is running a donation drive inside the Expo Center. Paramedics are collecting stuffed animals won at the fair. If you win a prize at one of the carnival games and don't want it, drop it off at EMSA's booth.

The agency will take the donated stuffed animals and use them as therapy dolls when paramedics are on the scene with children.