Yes, I usually deliver the forecast but tried my hand at helping sort the mail that is delivered, thanks to help from the U.S. Post Office in Tulsa.

I didn't actually put the mail in your mailbox, but a got a chance to sort it for the letter carriers. 

Derek Watson, Sr. is manager of operations at the Post Office in Tulsa and he says on an average day they sort 315,000 pieces of mail. 

At my work station was a machine which sorts that mail into a walk sequence for the letter carrier. From there, the carrier takes the mail on his daily route. 

They showed me a piece of equipment called the jogger which helps stack the mail to be sorted. From there, I pushed a button and the sorter began its job. 

At one point, I had to help fix in jam in the machine. 

After a couple of hours, I asked how I had done and they were nice enough to say for a first day, I was not bad, not bad at all.