BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma - Just in time for Christmas, finishing touches are being put on the Warren Theatre in Broken Arrow. It's being billed as the largest theatre build in the United States in the past decade.

Eighteen new movie screens are going in and the lobby is a complete construction zone as more than 200 construction workers are getting the theatre ready for the opening day.

There's a lot of behind the scenes work before the curtains go up on the theatre December, 23rd. Owner Bill Warren describes it as Las Vegas meets Hollywood meets Broken Arrow.

"This is a bigger version of Moore," he said.

Warren's favorite seat in the house is in the Grand Infinity Auditorium and said he has a patent for the largest screen in the area.

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"This is the largest screen in the Tulsa area," he said. “It's over a 100-feet wide and it's 50-feet tall, approximately."

The picture is projected through a laser system, brought here from Belgium.

Fifty-tons of marble have been imported from Italy, the art is custom, the carpet was woven in Portugal and there are no ads to sit through before a show.

To Warren, it's all about the experience.

"The whole idea is to make this the nicest, or one of the nicest theatres in the country," he said.

You can even order steak upstairs.

An industrial kitchen services Oscar's Lounge dining room and the Director's Suite - an exclusive reception space where you can eat, drink and move freely before, during or after a movie.

"Really nice low music, fireplace, your portraits, custom furniture, a place to relax," Warren explained.

If you aren't enticed by the razzle dazzle, then there are other theatres.

Warren Theatre Prices

There are five different types of theatres and five different price structures; the Stadium is the cheapest starting at $7 a seat and the Director Suite is the most expensive a $22 a seat.

The Warren Theatre opens December 23rd and if you want to see a movie on opening day, you have to buy your ticket that day.