MANNFORD, Oklahoma - Sand bags are stacked up against the doors of Mannford Public School's gymnasium and other buildings as the community braces for what could be record-high Keystone Lake levels.

Right now, Keystone Lake is 22 feet above normal and rising and the Corps of Engineers say it is projected to come up 14 more feet in the next day or two.

That would put Keystone Lake at 759 feet, a level the Mannford community has never seen. City officials say the bottom of the gym door is at 754 feet.

A check with the Corps of Engineers shows Keystone dam is releasing 9,000 cubic feet per second or 67,320 gallons per second. Officials said they had been releasing more, but because of concerns of downstream flooding, they've scaled back their releases.

The Corps says 131,169 cubic feet per second or 981,144 gallons per second is flowing into Keystone Lake.