TULSA, Oklahoma - Embattled Tulsa County Sheriff Stanley Glanz leaves office next month days before a hearing on two indictments handed down by a grand jury. That could be the beginning of legal woes marking the end of Glanz's 50-year law enforcement career.

Glanz hasn't been formally charged with the two misdemeanor counts, one of which accuses him of failing to release a 2009 memo that questioned the training of a volunteer deputy and close friend who fatally shot an unarmed man in April. That shooting sparked the grand jury investigation.

The 73-year-old is also named in at least 10 state and federal lawsuits, alleging jail mismanagement, civil rights violations and employment discrimination, among others.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is also looking into the volunteer deputy's shooting of Eric Harris.

A special election has been set for April 5, 2016, to elect a new sheriff. Until that time, Undersheriff Rick Weigel will assume the responsibilities and duties of sheriff for Tulsa County.