TULSA, Oklahoma - Police said a woman running from officers broke both ankles after jumping off a bridge late Monday.  

Officers said police were at a home in the 1000 block of North Winston near Yale investigating the theft of several cars on a tip from Catoosa Police.  They said Meagan Hollinshed, 27, drove up in a 2000 Nissan pickup, spotted police and sped away.  

Police gave chase, which ended when Hollinshed hit a concrete barrier on East Pine at Sandusky.  Officers said Hollinshed got out and jumping off a nearby bridge breaking both ankles.  

EMSA took her to a Tulsa hospital.  

Police said Hollinshed told officers she ran because she had several outstanding warrants.  

Meanwhile, back at the home on North Winston, police recovered a stolen motorcycle, Tahoe SUV and a flat bed truck.  They also took three people in the home in for questioning.