TULSA, Oklahoma - A 1-year-old girl is extremely critical after Tulsa police say her mother's boyfriend sexually abused her. Cody Alan Johnson was booked into the Tulsa Jail Sunday on complaints of child physical abuse and child sexual abuse, both after former felony conviction.

Police say the child's mother and Johnson brought the child to the emergency room December 5. The little girl was in cardiac arrest and unresponsive, an arrest report states.

Both the mother and Johnson said the girl was in his care while the mother was at work, according to police.

The toddler had "numerous visible facial contusions and bruising and bleeding coming from both the child's vagina and rectum," the police report states. The only explanation given was that the child "slipped on her pajamas and fell on a toy," the arresting officer said.

Police say the little girl had extensive trauma and has been placed on life support. 

Johnson, 30, is being held on a $200,000 bond. His record shows past convictions for driving under the influence and possession of stolen property, among other crimes.