TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa police named a person of interest in a drive-by triple shooting. The lead homicide detective said the man they want to talk to, Brandon Brewer, is known by officers.

Police have good reason to believe he's involved; we're told one of the victims said Brewer's name.

Saturday morning, Homicide Sergeant Dave Walker said Brewer has warrants for his arrest. The victims are expected to survive their wounds.

The crime scene grew as Tulsa police found more and more shell casings; at least a dozen shots were fired in the drive-by shooting that spanned Xenophon Avenue near Haskell Place.

Three people were injured according to Tulsa Police Sergeant Bryan Bryden.

“Three individuals were hit. All three of them were transported to hospitals, two of them in critical condition, one in stable condition," he said.

Police said the victims are two men and a woman, each in their 20s. Also in his early 20s is the person of interest.

Lead Homicide Detective Sergeant Dave Walker said he wants to talk to the 23-year-old Brewer who is previously convicted of assault and battery in front of a minor child, among other things.

Police believe the three victims were in front of a home when the shooting started.

One man was shot and hit the ground, the other man and woman ran, leaving a trail of blood, before collapsing.

Neighbor Paul McCarty said he heard the shots, waited until it was safe then went out to help his hurt neighbor.

"Ran outside and went over and held his hand for a while, tried to keep him calm. He's going through shock, I guess," McCarty said.

He said the victim told him the name, "Brandon Brewer," which is why police are following that lead.

Anyone with information about Brandon Brewer is asked to call 911 or Crime Stoppers at 918-596-COPS.