TULSA, Oklahoma - Construction is causing possible delays at the Tulsa airport for those picking up loved ones. Crews are working to add a third level to the parking garage at Tulsa International Airport, and that had traffic down to one lane Monday on the arrivals' side.

It's expected to be cleared up as we get closer to Christmas. 

The airport's arrival area is a busy place to be in the holiday season. The airport is adding a third level to its parking deck and this big hole will soon anchor elevator shafts for the expansion.

Once completed, rental car parking will move from the basement to the arrival level.

"What rental car customers really like is to be able to walk across the street and get in their car, they don't like getting on a bus, being shuttled to a different location and dropped off and then getting to their car it adds time to their day," said Alexis Higgins, Tulsa International Airport.

Alexis Higgins says once the project is completed, passengers will have more covered parking in the basement and the new level on top of the rental car area.

"There's the demand from the customer service aspect of it, but ultimately we want to make sure that we provide the space and the amenities that the rental car customers and the rental car companies themselves need in order to operate efficiently," she said.

Higgins says parking is the airport's highest non-airline revenue stream. She says the more money made from parking, the less it costs for airlines to fly here.

"The more we can generate funds that are not from our airlines, the lower their costs are, the more competitive Tulsa is," said Alexis Higgins, TIA.

Lanes should be open by Tuesday evening.

Coming up on January 11th, the airport will shut down an entire lane for the construction and will eliminate the three-minute parking. Don't forget the airport just added more space at its cell phone lot, which is free.